9 Pretty Cafes in London

Some of these places are better known than others. If you follow London-based Instagrammers, you may have already seen a few.

They’re all beloved by locals and visitors alike, and if you get a chance to go to some of them, you should take it.

1. Peggy Porschen

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The top half of Elizabeth Tower which houses Big Ben is slowly being revealed

The top half of Elizabeth Tower which houses Big Ben is slowly being revealed, and the scaffolding is slowly being taken down over the coming weeks! The lower half of the tower will stay covered as the renovations continue and are supposed to be finalised in 2021. But at least very soon, we will finally be able to lay our eyes on on this icon once more! It’s been a challenging project, and they’ve encountered many challenges such as discovering huge amounts of asbestos which has to be carefully and safely removed. But it will be worth the wait. Believe me. So keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks!


I don’t normally post about other social media influencers but this one is so amazing, I had to share!

So, we’re all missing London a lot right now. It’s going to be a LONG time until those of us outside the UK are going to be able to go to London. Well into 2021 at least (we’re hoping to go October 2021 at this point).

But we can go there virtually right now thanks to an incredible YouTube channel I discovered. Watched Walker is a chap who lives in London and has a steady camera setup that allows him to film walks around London. And that’s what he does. He uploads several a week.

Want to walk around the West End in the rain?

Want to walk around Highgate in the high summer?

Want to enjoy London’s parks?

You can, virtually and in 4k resolution. There’s no commentary, no music, just the sights and sounds of London as the creator goes on his walks. The video is steady using the rig he uses for filming (though it can bounce a bit).

I’ve watched several of these. They’re amazing. Relaxing to watch. I like to turn them on in the background while I work on my laptop. Bonus if you have an extra-large TV, it’s like looking through a window to what London is right at this very moment.

highly recommend subscribing to his channel and giving it a go!

See inside Sting’s former London townhouse

The Grade II listed Georgian property is spread over 7 floors and is in the heart of Westminster.

The former home of music icon Sting has come onto the market, offering us a glimpse at the Grade II listed Georgian townhouse’s grand interiors.

The townhouse sits on Old Queen Street, SW1, and has a smart brick façade with a Doric portico porch. Past residents including politicians, apothecaries and affluent families. The Westminster townhouse is for sale with Beauchamp Estates for a cool £12.95 million.

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